Cleaner's Supply, Inc. Datasheets for Staples

Staples are U-shaped metal fasteners that are driven into a surface to hold or secure an object in place.
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Product Name Notes
For use with the Ace Clipper Stapler, these undulated #70001 chisel point Staples have twice the holding power of normal staples. Great for tagging tickets to bags. 5,000 staples per...
For use with the Bostitch B8 plier style Stapler, these Power Crown STCRP2115-1/4 chisel point 1/4" staples have great penetration power. 5,000 staples per box.
For use with the Bostitch P3 plier style Stapler, these SP19-1/4 chisel point 1/4" staples grip tightly to get the job done. 5,000 staples per box.
Premium B8 Type Staples. Fits B8 Staplers.
Premium P3 Type Staples. Fits P3 Staplers.