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Coating Thickness Analyzer -- FT110A

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Coating Thickness Analyzer -- FT110A-Image

The FT110A helps a broad range of industries ensure plating specifications are met to avoid the risks of inferior performance and the costs associated with scrap or rework. In addition, it helps increase productivity by reducing the time needed to set up a series of measurements.

Accuracy and reliability are crucial in any Quality Assurance or Quality Control system, and the improved X-ray fluorescence technology inside the FT110A will support your facility in meeting the highest industry specifications.

The updated imaging system, new automatic measurement positioning functionality and a large sample table makes this benchtop coatings analyzer easy to use, increasing sample throughput.

The unit is controlled via an intuitive user interface on the Windows-based X-ray Station software. This helps to streamline your QA/QC setup through direct integration of data into Microsoft™ Word and Excel.

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