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Panamax Max Power Conditioner -- M4400-20A

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The MAX 4400-20A has been specifically engineered to enhance the home theater experience by providing power distribution and protection for home entertainment equipment. As a direct response to installer's feedback, the M4400-20A creates a far more effective and space-efficient installation to take advantage of dedicated 20-amp circuits used for home theater systems.
- 20 Amp Current Capacity:
- Receptacles accept either 15 or 20 amp equipment plugs for installation flexibility
- Inductorless Noise Filtration:
- Provides clean, capacitive filtered power to amplifiers without current limiting components (inductors) with impede performance
- DC Voltage Trigger:
- A standard 3.5mm mini-plug jack allows external control of startup/shutdown sequencing
- SurgeGate Plus Circuitry:
- A Power monitoring system that acts as a gate to prevent unsafe voltages from damaging sensitive electronic equipment, it automatically detects a prolonged over or undervoltage condition and disconnects the power to equipment, then reconnects it when the power returns to a safe level this special circuitry acts as a gate to prevent unsafe voltages from damaging sensitive equipment
- Grounding Lug:
- Provides a common grounding point for equipment with seperate ground
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