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Incremental Clip-On Extensometer - Short travel clip-on - Zwick USA
Kennesaw, GA, USA
Incremental Clip-On Extensometer Short travel clip-on
Incremental Clip-on Extensometers Zwick offers four different variants of the incremental clip-on extensometer for extension and/or change in width measurement. These clip-on extensometers are powerful and great value for the money. They have considerable advantages to the DMS systems usually used with reference to the measurement range, accuracy and signal processing. The incremental system’s accuracy is uniform over the entire gage length. The clip-on extensometer’s compact construction is enabled by minimizing the size of the incremental scale. In addition the extremely lightweight measurement system is seated very close to the specimen. Thereby the loading of the specimen is minimized. Incremental Long Travel Clip-on and Short Travel Clip-on Extensometers This unique digital clip-on extensometer is suitable for precise modulus and yield point determination to ISO 527-1 for rigid and semi-rigid plastics and for determining strain at maximum stress plus strain at break on rigid plastics with low extension. It can remain attached to plastic and composite specimens up to break. Advantages of the Incremental clip-on Extensometer It can additionally be used to determine the compressive strength of plastics or the compression E-modulus on metals Measuring range can be set to enable optimum use of measurement travel for both tensile and compression tests (see illustration on right) Maximum error +/- 1μm in differential displacement measurement between two measuring points in the range from 20 μm to 200 μm, completely satisfying the additional requirement to ISO 527-1 (2011) Accuracy Class 0.5 to EN ISO 9513 Calibrated from 20 μm measurement travel in Class 0.5 Patented clip-on extensometer, available exclusively from Zwick
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Technical Specifications

  Zwick USA
Product Category Product and Material Test Fixtures and Accessories
Product Number Short travel clip-on
Product Name Incremental Clip-On Extensometer
Test Fixture Type Extensometer
Test Temperature 50 to 95 F (10 to 35 C)
Test Standard ISO
Stroke / Maximum Opening 0.7874 to 3.35 inch (20 to 85 mm)
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