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Penetration Dies
Penetration Dies These dies are used mostly for penetrations tests to determine the hardness of foodstuffs. These tests are widely used and find their application with many foodstuffs. Fundamental is the choice of the appropriate die: Cylindrical dies apply compressive stress by the surface and shear stressing by the edges and the outer surface area of the die. Whereas ball dies start with vertical forces. During the test more and more horizontal forces are added. Zwick offers penetration dies with various shapes, sizes and materials, also completely to your requirements. Understood that also special dies for tests to Standard are offered: For the determination of the bread firmness according to AACC74-09 a cylindrical die compresses defined bread slices up to 40% in two cycles. At a compression of 25% the CFV (Compression Force Value) is determined. The gel strength according to Bloom (GME Monograph 2005, ISO 9665) is measured by many gelatin producers and fabricators. The gel strength in grams Bloom is the mass necessary to depress a standard plunger 4 mm into the gel. The method includes a comprehensive specimen preparation in special Bloom jars.
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Product Category Property Testing Equipment
Product Name Penetration Dies
Properties Analyzed Texture Analysis
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