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Kennesaw, GA, USA
lightXtens® optiXtens® is used to carry out strain measurement on a wide variety of materials. The strain on metals, plastics and composites is measured without mechanical contact and without the need for optical specimen markings. Measurements in temperature chambers present no more problem than at room temperature and it is particularly suitable for measurements on notch-sensitive materials and on specimens with low test loads. Thanks to its high accuracy and consistently high resolution, it can measure deformations in the range below the elastic limit up to strain at break. optiXtens® provides extremely high-precision measuring in the micro and macro range up to displacements of 700 mm. Contact-free, Standard-compliant measurement without the need for gage marks. optiXtens® has absolutely no influence on the specimen. Extremely high level of operating safety and reliability. Measurement of high strains plus E-Modulus determination without additional extensometers or time-consuming re-setting. Especially suitable for notch-sensitive or fragile specimens. Highly user-friendly features include: automatic centering on specimen mid-point; automatic adjustment of initial gauge length (L0); automatic setting of virtual gage marks; automatic adjustment of required laser energy; protection against operator error. Excellent system availability - optiXtens® is extremely well protected against dirt, wear, and damage. Highly versatile: operates independently of ambient lighting, can be used with a wide range of materials and has a high level of automation.
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Technical Specifications

  Zwick USA
Product Category Product and Material Test Fixtures and Accessories
Product Name lightXtens®
Test Fixture Type Extensometer
Test Temperature -40 to 248 F (-40 to 120 C)
Test Standard ISO
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