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Kennesaw, GA, USA
laserXtens® Compact
laserXtens® Compact laserXtens® Compact provides contact-free measurement of strain on a very wide range of materials, the measuring principle rendering the attachment of gage marks unnecessary. This makes laserXtens® Compact suitable for many different applications, such as tensile and compression tests on metals and plastics, testing components, tests on specimens with which contact is undesirable or not possible due to specimen condition and strain measurements on specimens which might damage a contact measuring system due to a whiplash effect at fracture. Tests in temperature chambers and applications requiring bi-axial deformation measurement are no problem for laserXtens® Compact. laserXtens® Compact delivers high precision Meets the requirements of ISO 9513 Class 0.5 (ASTM E83 Class B2) No contact with the specimen; measurement is not influenced by laser light Specimen markings are not required, offering several benefits: time-saving, especially with high specimen throughput; easy to use in temperature chambers and also in automated plants, as no manual specimen preparation is necessary Resolution of 0.15 µm (depending on field of view) In contrast to contact extensometers or pure video solutions, laserXtens® Compact can measure strain on short specimens with gauge lengths from 1.5 mm with a high degree of accuracy laserXtens® Compact can additionally record transverse strain without additional markings; biaxial measurement is also possible
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  Zwick USA
Product Category Product and Material Test Fixtures and Accessories
Product Name laserXtens® Compact
Test Fixture Type Extensometer
Test Standard ASTM; ISO
Stroke / Maximum Opening 0.0591 to 0.6693 inch (1.5 to 17 mm)
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