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Biaxial clip-on extensometer -  - Zwick USA
Kennesaw, GA, USA
Biaxial clip-on extensometer
Strain Gage (DMS) Clip-On Extensometers A strain gage extensometer is a mechanical device which measures strain on a specimen which has been subjected to a load, usually via a materials testing machine. The extensometer is physically attached to the specimen and the measurement of strain is performed by one or more strain gages attached to the contacting arm of the extensometer. As the load on the specimen is increased during the test so the resistance of the strain gauge changes proportionally to the deflection of the extensometer arm. This change of resistance is then measured by the electronics of the testing machine and converted to a strain value. Advantages of the Strain gage clip-on extensometer The measuring systems feature very good linearity, with correspondingly reliable results Gage lengths are adjustable from 10 to 100 mm, allowing flexible use for different specimen strengths Light, miniaturized construction, well-suited to shorter specimens High resolutions enables smallest deformations to be measured during test Temperature resistant measurement systems for use from -70 °C to + 200 °C Extensometer for two-sided measurement of specimen deformation permits exact E-modulus and technical elasticity limits Variable measurement possibilities with 2 separate measurement systems, single signals or the average value signal are displayable
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  Zwick USA
Product Category Product and Material Test Fixtures and Accessories
Product Name Biaxial clip-on extensometer
Test Fixture Type Extensometer
Test Temperature -94 to 392 F (-70 to 200 C)
Test Standard ISO
Stroke / Maximum Opening 0.9843 inch (25 mm)
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