Zotefoams, Inc. Closed Cell Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam PLASTAZOTE® Foam


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Closed Cell Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam - PLASTAZOTE® Foam - Zotefoams, Inc.
Walton, KY, USA
Closed Cell Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam PLASTAZOTE® Foam
Closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam. A wide range of polymer combinations is available to give increased stiffness, improved temperature resistance and improved mouldability. Plastazote® foams are engineered to offer superior performance and lighter weight. The absence of any chemical agents in the foam and a consistency of cell structure and density allows Zotefoams to offer the world’s lightest cross-linked foams. Plastazote® foams are available in: a range of densities from 15kg/m3 to 115kg/m3 a variety of attractive colours Metallocene grades for easier thermo-compression behaviour special grades with increased flame-retarding properties, and/or conductive or static-dissipative characteristics Plastazote® foams are used in a variety of industries including: packaging automotive (thermoformed parts) aerospace electronics healthcare thanks to their inert qualities construction sport (protective padding) marine where buoyancy is crucial industrial (seals and gaskets)
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Technical Specifications

  Zotefoams, Inc.
Product Category Foams and Foam Materials
Product Number PLASTAZOTE® Foam
Product Name Closed Cell Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam
Type ClosedCell; Rigid; Foam
Applications Aerospace; Architectural / Construction; Automotive / Transportation; CoreMaterial; EMI Shielding; Marine; Medical; Packaging; Protective Athletic Padding
Form / Shape Molded, Cast or Fabricated Parts
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