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Silicon Nitride Lift Tube
Technology: 1. Cold isostatic pressing 2. Machining 3. Reactive sintering / gas pressure sintering Characteristic 1. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, no infiltration with nonferrous metal melt such as aluminum melt. 2. Excellent thermal conductivity, strong thermal shock resistance and no cracking. 3. Oxidation resistance and long service life 4. It can be customized according to customer requirements and specifications The lift tube in low pressure casting is one of the key components of low pressure casting machine. During die casting, aluminum melt (temperature 700 ~ 900 °C) is pressed and sent from the lift tube to the mold cavity every 3 ~ 5 minutes. Steel lift tube is used in traditional manufacturing technique. Due to its poor thermal shock resistance, poor corrosion resistance, short service life and frequent replacement, it can not meet the requirements of continuous and high-quality production. Silicon nitride lift tube has become an ideal material for the preparation of lift tube because of its low thermal expansion, good thermal shock resistance and non aluminum adhesion.
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  Zhuhai Cersol Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Category Industrial Ceramic Materials
Product Name Silicon Nitride Lift Tube
MOR / Flexural Strength 143006 psi (986000 KPa)
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