ZF Electronic Systems Pleasant Prairie, LLC Wireless Position Switch RF 95 LR SW915


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Wireless Position Switch RF 95 LR SW915
Wireless limit switches feature an internal electrodynamic energy generator. No battery required. Displacement of the actuator generates power to send a unique, coded telegram to one or more compatible, easily-programmed Receivers. If limit switch does receive the confirmation signal within 15ms, it transmits a second telegram. Receiver accepts up to 10 discrete telegrams per channel. Features Battery-less operation via self-contained energy generator Actuator: Plunger Housing: Glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic Transmits at 915 MHz (USA/Canada/Australi a) Maximum nominal transmission range: 40 m indoors, 450 m "free air" Bidirectional communications with Receiver confirming receipt of telegram Switch action configurable at Receiver (e.g. NO, NC, other) Ingress protection rating: IP67 Mechanical life expectancy : > 1 million actuations Operating temperature range: -20 ⁰C to + 65 ⁰C. Certifications: FCC, IC (for SW915 MHz models), EC (for 868 MHz models) Options Available for 868 MHz operation (Europe) Transmission range extenders
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Technical Specifications

  ZF Electronic Systems Pleasant Prairie, LLC
Product Category Touch Switches and Tactile Switches
Product Number RF 95 LR SW915
Product Name Wireless Position Switch
Switch Function Momentary Contact
Configuration Normally Open (NO) (optional feature); Normally Closed (NC) (optional feature)
Max. Mechanical Life 1.00E6 Number of electrical operations
Terminal Type Wireless
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