Zeus High Lubricity Polyimide (PI) / PTFE Custom Composites PI Glide™

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High Lubricity Polyimide (PI) / PTFE Custom Composites - PI Glide™ - Zeus
Orangeburg, SC, United States
High Lubricity Polyimide (PI) / PTFE Custom Composites PI Glide™
Overview- Polyimide (PI) is a group of high performing polymers known for their exceptional chemical, thermal, and mechanical performance properties. These materials demonstrate exceptional thermal stability in high and low temperatures and are extremely flame resistant. PI Glide™, our PI / PTFE composite, is a high lubricity polyimide blend for applications that require lower surface friction yet do not require the performance of pure PTFE. PI Glide™ maintains broad chemical resistance and good dielectric properties in addition to its reduced coefficient of friction. PI Glide™ is available in tubing and as a coating for over-the-wire (OTW, insulated wire) applications. For insulated wire, PI Glide™ provides a low-friction wire for easier deployment or insertion into tubing. With PI Glide™ tubing, inside diameters offer low resistance to inserted devices or tools (pushability) while the outside remains bondable without etching. PI Glide™ can also be produced in a layered composite construction with our conventional polyimide or with PI Glide™ alone. Composite layering polyimide and PI Glide™ allows users to further tailor polyimide tubing or coating properties. APPLICATIONS • Catheters o Vascular o Structural heart o Electrophysiology o Urinary • Lumen for guidewires • Lead wire delivery devices • Insulated Wire AVAILABLE PRODUCTS • Tubing • Pull wires • Low-friction lead (insulated) wire • Multi-layer construction
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Fabricated Plastic Parts and Semi-Finished Shapes
Product Number PI Glide™
Product Name High Lubricity Polyimide (PI) / PTFE Custom Composites
Industry Sanitary; OEM or Industrial
Dielectric Strength 4775 kV/in (1880 kV/cm)
Chemical System Fluoropolymer; PI Glide™; Polyimide or Bismaleimide (BMI)
Form / Shape Hollow or Tubular Stock; Profile or Structural Shape
Tensile (Break) 12038 psi (83000 KPa)
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