Zeus Heat Shrinkable Roll Covers

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Heat Shrinkable Roll Covers -  - Zeus
Orangeburg, SC, United States
Heat Shrinkable Roll Covers
Zeus Roll Covers extend the life and increase the reliability of various roller types by offering a covering that is durable and easy to apply. A quick application of heat molds the cover snugly around the roll forming a skin-tight, high-strength, impregnable protective jacket. Using a simple heat source such as a hot air gun, Zeus Roll Covers can be quickly and easily shrunk to fit onto rollers. Zeus heat shrink roll covers are perfectly suited to protect a wide variety of rollers routinely used across many industrial categories. Just about anywhere you can envision the application of a roller – from the smallest printer to the largest textile mill – our roll covers can improve processing and efficiency. For printing as an example, the non-stick nature of our roll covers improves image quality enabling covered fuser and pressure rolls to handle high production volumes. For FEP heat shrink particularly, this material bonds extremely well to foam, rubber, and even metal roller types. Rolls protected with FEP heat shrink have little to no accumulation of sticky residues from repetitive high-speed production runs and thus minimizes line stoppages for cleaning. Roll covers are also an excellent option for reconditioning old, used, and worn rollers instead of purchasing new ones. Our FEP heat shrinkable roll covers can be used in hot or cold applications and are chemically unreactive to almost all commonly encountered solvents. These roll covers are also resistant to abrasion and provide an excellent moisture barrier to protect your rollers. Applications Printer and Photocopier Rollers – When used to cover print rollers, our FEP heat shrink can extend the life of your roller while improving the quality of the image; better quality imaging means that printer speeds can be increased. Paper Processing Rollers – For this application, FEP roll coverings applied to feed rollers improve paper handling for more trouble-free operation. Textile Rollers – For heavy production areas, roll covers extend the life of these rollers, minimize cleaning, and reduce down-time. Food Packaging Rollers – For wrapping and sealing rollers for the food packing industry, our FEP heat shrink roller coverings are fully biocompatible with USP Class VI standards. Our FEP roll covers can also be sterilized via gamma, ETO, e-beam, and autoclaving methods.
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Product Category Protective Sleeving
Product Name Heat Shrinkable Roll Covers
Sleeving Shrink Tubing; Heat Shrinkable Tubing
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