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YESDAQ Data Visualization Software
YESDAQ software for MS-Windows NT supports the collection, database storage and web presentation of instrument data. YESDAQ is standards-based and uses open-source software components including mySQL and the Apache web server. YESDAQ fully automates the retrieval, processing, and display of data from one or more YES instruments via the Internet. While YESDAQ can be used to manage data from a local instrument site, it can also handle very large networks of instrument sites, supporting multiple: Total Sky Imagers (Model TSI-880) Rotating Shadowband Spectroradiometers MultiFilter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer Auxiliary instruments attached to a YESDAS-2 datalogger

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  Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.
Product Category Graphing and Visualization Software
Product Name YESDAQ Data Visualization Software
Source Code Proprietary
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