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Sun Photometer SPUV-6/10
The SPUV is a precision sun photometer that measures direct solar spectral irradiance at up to ten discrete wavelengths in the UV-B and visible regions. The SPUV exceeds the WMO specifications for sun photometers and is the first commercial sun photometer to measure narrow bandwidths in the UV-B. For applications such as column ozone or atmospheric turbidity measurements, which require the measurement of discrete spectral lines in the solar spectrum, the SPUV offers the capabilities and accuracy of a scanning spectroradiometer but at a fraction of the cost and with less maintenance overhead. The SPUV is a rugged instrument designed for long-term operation in the field. It is environmentally sealed and desiccated. All temperature-sensitiv e elements are located in a thermally controlled enclosure, which provides freedom from the effects of changes in ambient temperature. Finally, each SPUV channel has its own calibrated detector; no moving filter wheel is necessary. Channel Configuration Options The SPUV is a versatile instrument that can be configured with six or ten channels at various wavelengths. Typical configurations include the WMO recommended wavelengths for atmospheric turbidity measurements (368, 500, 673, 778 and 870 nm) and ozone column measurements (300, 311.4 and 317.5 nm or 500, 615 and 673 nm). FWHM is 2 nm or 10 nm, depending on wavelength. The modular design of the SPUV allows individual channels to be added or removed while the instrument remains at the site.
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Technical Specifications

  Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.
Product Category Weather Instruments
Product Number SPUV-6/10
Product Name Sun Photometer
Weather Component Sensed Measures solar Radiation
Solar Detector Instrument Type Other Rad
Device Classification Sensor System
Wavelength Range Measured 300 to 940 nm (3000 to 9400 Å)
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