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Wi-Fi Network Mangement - XMS Cloud - Xirrus Inc.
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Wi-Fi Network Mangement XMS Cloud
Control And Visibility Anywhere, Anytime As budgets diminish and time becomes a scarce commodity, cloud-based services bring affordability and efficiency to your organization. Xirrus XMS-Cloud is a powerful solution for deploying and managing your Wi-Fi network with complete control and visibility anywhere, anytime. ULTIMATE SIMPLICITY Xirrus architected XMS-Cloud for ease-of-use and minimal operational overhead. Innovative technology provides zero-touch activation for deploying new APs, automated software upgrades, and virtually eliminates on-site system maintenance . IT enjoys the benefits of a single console where all services are integrated at no extra cost. And integrated application intelligence lets network administrators control prioritize critical applications to ensure predictable performance, even when the network is under heavy load. MASSIVE SCALABILITY XMS-Cloud accommodates current and future needs as Wi-Fi device use continues to grow. Built on the same scalable, next generation NoSQL database used by the largest Internet companies, XMS-Cloud services support multi-tenancy and networks using tens of thousands of APs and clients. The flexibility of a SaaS solution allows for easy scaling to support peak usage scenarios. INSTANT WI-FI ACCESS Xirrus EasyPass enables your users to access the Wi-Fi network with simplicity and security. Whether employees, guests, customers, or IoT devices, EasyPass streamlines the process to ensure quick access to the Wi-Fi network. EasyPass integrates with the Microsoft Office 365 (Azure) and Google App ecosystems for simple single sign-on (SSO) to the Wi-Fi network to access domain resources. And with EasyPass Personal, users can create a secure, personal network on a public Wi-Fi network. From a single dashboard, IT administrators can track user activity.
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  Xirrus Inc.
Product Category Network Monitoring Software
Product Number XMS Cloud
Product Name Wi-Fi Network Mangement
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