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Application Control
Better Policies Come With Improved Visibility Xirrus Application Control ensures predictable Wi-Fi performance, even in congested networks. Prioritize business-critical applications and devices. Restrict usage of bandwidth-heavy applications. Block restricted applications from the network. Administrators have full control to manage the network despite device volume and unpredictable application usage. IMPROVED USER EXPERIENCE Prioritize business critical applications over recreational applications right at the network edge for optimal performance throughout the network. Xirrus APs are architected with the required performance to enforce application policies at line rate to deliver a superior user experience. Optimize the RF spectrum by allowing only acceptable application traffic where users connect. TOTAL VISIBILITY IT staff can create application policies for over 1,400 different applications by identifying bandwidth-hogging apps and analyzing usage trends over time. Applications or groups of applications can be prioritized, blocked or throttled. Policies can be scheduled by device, SSID, user type, or globally across the network to run at specified times of day or days of week. SUPERIOR SCALABILITY An integrated controller in every Xirrus AP provides distributed intelligence for limitless growth. Get holistic application visibility based on Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology operating directly in the AP. Achieve predictable application performance by controlling applications directly at the network edge. REDUCED NETWORK COSTS Block or rate limit unwanted or non-mission critical applications. Control Internet WAN uplink network traffic by dropping or throttling at the network edge.
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