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Century Series - Century 120-T4A - Westerbeke Corporation
Taunton, MA, USA
Century Series Century 120-T4A
The Century Series Advantage More Power, Less RPMs, Longer Life. The Century Series is Westerbeke’s answer to the demand for low-stressed engines that have a longer working life. These engines operate at a comfortable 2200 and 2400 RPM putting less stress on the engine while providing optimum power. The Century Series engines are rated 126 and 173 horsepower. Both are ideal replacements for older engines installed in displacement hulls such as trawler yachts, for use in large sailboats and in many commercial applications. Standard Features Extremely Lightweight and Compact The Century Series engines have some of the smallest and lightest power packages of their type. Westerbeke 4 and 6 cylinder models are light, low in height and short in length. For trawler Captains who can’t afford a “wet boat,” these lightweight engines allow for more cargo. For example, the 120-T4A produces 126 horsepower weighing only 987 lbs.! Smooth and Quiet Operation The Century Series engines are equipped with four-point, fail-safe, vibration mounts that provide optimum vibration dampening. Also, an air intake with filter provides increased power while diminishing sound. Engine Turbo charged 4.3 and 6.5 liter engines power the Century Series. Both the cylinder head and block are cast iron while the crankshaft is made of pressed forged high carbon steel, high frequency hardened, for additional strength. Replaceable chromium plated, dry cylinder liners contribute to an extended engine life. Glow plugs aid cold weather starting. An easily accessible oil drain hose assists with routine maintenance. Safety Devices All Century Series engines are equipped with low oil pressure and high coolant temperature alarms and are pre-wired for a plug-in connection to an Admiral instrument panel. Additional safety devices include fail-safe mounts and an oil bypass alarm. Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger All Century Series engines are fresh water cooled with a standard cupro-nickel heat exchanger that mounts directly to the underside of the water-jacketed exhaust manifold for more efficient cooling. This unique Westerbeke design and the use of cast aluminum piping minimizes the use of hose connections in the cooling system, providing added reliability and reduced maintenance. Durable Anti-Corrosive Paint Westerbeke's new paint system now offers increased resistance to the harsh marine environment through the use of an iron phosphate pre-treatment, a non-chrome sealer and a high gloss acrylic enamel. Westerbeke's system is not only durable but environmentally friendly. The paint and sealers meet state and federal clean air and water standards. Gear-Driven Raw Water Pump A new gear-driven raw water pump, desi..
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Technical Specifications

  Westerbeke Corporation
Product Category Combustion Engines
Product Number Century 120-T4A
Product Name Century Series
Engine Type Internal Combustion
Length 47.2 inch (1199 mm)
Height 32.04 inch (814 mm)
Features Water Cooled; Four Stroke; Has Turbo
Application Marine
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