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Really-Flow™ ORP (Redox) Electrodes -  - Weiss Research, Inc.
Houston, TX, United States
Really-Flow™ ORP (Redox) Electrodes
Weiss Really-Flow™ combination, single-junction ORP electrodes have a free flowing junction (sleeve)provide optimal flow rate (adjustable), resulting in better reproducibility. The easy clean sensor surface (another key for successful ORP measurement) and junction designing ensure the performances and long electrodes life. These long-lasting electrodes have no ceramic or fiber junction to clog. They are the ideal tools for viscous and dirty samples.
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Technical Specifications

  Weiss Research, Inc.
Product Category Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrodes
Product Name Really-Flow™ ORP (Redox) Electrodes
Operating Temperature 32 to 176 F (0.0 to 80 C)
Electrode Configuration Combination
Mounting Options In-Line (Insertion)
Body Material Epoxy or Polymer
Diameter/ Width 0.5118 inch (13 mm)
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