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Laboratory ORP Electrodes -  - Weiss Research, Inc.
Houston, TX, United States
Laboratory ORP Electrodes
Unlike pH electrodes which can be calibrated and adjusted by meters, ORP electrodes are difficult to be standardized by most pH/mV meters. Keeping constant reference potential is the key to successful ORP measurement. To fulfill this requirement, the ElectroJelly™ filled (sealed) electrodes were developed. ElectroJelly™ is a solid material with highly concentrated salt (most time it is KCl). Because the ElectroJelly™ can effectively hold reference electrode electrolytes against sample back-flow and contamination, the ElectroJelly™ filled (sealed) electrodes can easily accomplish stable reference potential, longer life and less calibration goal (compared to regular gel filled electrodes). The ElectroJelly™ filled electrodes are most suitable for the 24/7 monitoring applications with temperature cycling changes such as swimming pools, aquariums and industrial processing. It is even better when it is used under normal laboratory conditions.
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  Weiss Research, Inc.
Product Category Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrodes
Product Name Laboratory ORP Electrodes
Operating Temperature 32 to 176 F (0.0 to 80 C)
Electrode Configuration Combination
Mounting Options In-Line (Insertion)
Body Material Epoxy or Polymer
Diameter/ Width 0.4724 inch (12 mm)
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