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Heat Treating Services -  - Weiss Industries, Inc.
Mansfield, OH, USA
Heat Treating Services
Weiss Industries has provided exceptional heat treating services for some of the most demanding OEM's and contract metalworking companies in the Midwest and Great Lakes Region for over sixty years. Markets served include automotive, truck, contract machine, foundry & forging, lawn & garden, tool & die, and materials handling manufacturers. Our in-house metallurgical engineer and well equipped, modern metals lab offers expert development assistance and troubleshooting services. We have earned a reputation for impeccable quality, excellent turnaround and dependable customer service. Operations . Quench and Temper . Tool Steel Hardening . Carburizing . Solution Treatments . Carbonitriding . Precision Straightening . Normalizing . Precipitation Hardening . Annealing . Laboratory Services . Stress Relieving
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  Weiss Industries, Inc.
Product Category Heat Treating Services
Product Name Heat Treating Services
Company Information Since Our beginning in 1954, our mission has been to completely satisfy our customers’ expectations. We accomplish our goals by continually upgrading capabilities through investment in machinery and training of our staff of highly motivated and skilled engineers and technicians.
Heat Treating Processes Annealing; Austempering; Case Hardening; Carburizing; Carbonitriding; Conventional Hardening (Quench & Temper); Martempering; Normalizing; Precipitation Hardening or Aging; Preheating / Weld Preheat; Shot Peening; Solution Treating; Stress Relieving
Services Development Assistance; Finishing or Coating; Grinding or Machining; Laboratory Testing & Inspection; Packaging; Straightening; Trucking or Shipping
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