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Laser Machining Microscope - MIC4 - WDI Wise Device Inc.
Markham, Ontario, Canada
Laser Machining Microscope MIC4
This is the only commercially available microscope guaranteeing transmission of more then 80% for all four YAG laser harmonics: 266, 355, 532, and 1064nm - without compromising the review channel fidelity. The MIC4 microscope is instrumental in laser repair of TFT arrays over the wavelength ranging from infrared (1064 nm) to deep ultraviolet (266 nm). This innovation facilitates efficient trimming of metals, silicon and ITO as well as open line repair, within a single piece of repair equipment. The MIC4 is fully compatible with the ATF4, ATF5, and LLC6 linear lens changer products which are all members of the WDI family of products supporting the FPD fabrication process.
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Technical Specifications

  WDI Wise Device Inc.
Product Category Wafer and Thin Film Instrumentation
Product Number MIC4
Product Name Laser Machining Microscope
Form Factor Monitor or instrument
Applications CVD / PVD; Electroplate; Flat panel display; Packaged IC or substrate; Optical components or lenses; Photolithography; PV Cell, Laser Micromachining, Photomask
Measurements Defects, dimples or film residues; Thin Film and TFT Array Repairs
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