WATTCO Temperature Control Panels Hybrid Control Panel

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Temperature Control Panels - Hybrid Control Panel - WATTCO
Cleveland, OH, USA
Temperature Control Panels Hybrid Control Panel
Hybrid Temperature Control Panels come with the On-Off panels with the following options: - CTRL Transformer - Contactors and Fuses for multiple load variations - Step controller - SCR Advantages: The Solid State Switching devices are semi conductor devices that control the power, either voltage or current that is supplied to the production system. While their job is primarily to switch the power on and off at rapid pace according to the instructions of the controller, they are capable of doing multiple standalone functions that primary include diagnostic functions and supervisory functions. They can be seen in a similar light to electronic circuit breakers because of their ability to protect the system from damage caused as a result of unchecked temperature settings or power supplies. It is their reliability and ability to manage fast paced switching operations with ease that increases their functionality and demand in the market. They are best utilized in low noise areas as well as in areas that are switched frequently for example to control resistive loads, conveyor systems, etc. The fact that they have a compact design makes them a viable choice for use in control cabinet allowing for greater space availability.
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Product Category Temperature Controllers
Product Number Hybrid Control Panel
Product Name Temperature Control Panels
Form Factor Chassis
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