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VBG Butterfly Valvaes
Waterman rectangular rubber-seated butterfly valves are designed and manufactured for water-tight closure, ease on installation and operation, and adaptability to a variety of uses. They are available in four-sided seating models for orifice or in-line mounting and in three-sided channel mounted units. Each gate is designed and fabricated for its specific installation and function requirements. Uses and Criteria Rectangular valves are commonly used where low headroom prevents the use of conventional sluice gates, and where flow regulating (modulating) is a requirement. Other advantages include watertight performance in either direction (both seating and unseating heads), the acceptance of maximum heads of water on either side, and the ease of operation. Applications include sewage treatment plants, water filtration projects, cooling tower basins, power plants, and many other water and flood control projects. Pressure Ratings Pressure ratings from 10 to 15 p.s.i. are available, and are suitable for both seating and unseating heads. Sizes Sizes currently available are 24" x 24" through 96" x 96". Larger and/or special sizes can be designed and fabri-cated to meet particular project requirements. Waterman rectangular butterfly valves are completely shop assembled and tested before shipment. Disc Design The steel disc (vane) features an adjustable resilient seat with stainless steel fasteners and retaining bars. Made of Neoprene or Buna-N rubber, the seat seals against stainless steel for a positive, no-leak perfor-mance. Adjustments of not less than Z\," and field replacement are easily accomplished. The streamline design of the disc minimizes turbulence in the full open position, lessens pressure drop across the valve in the open position, and provides excellent throttling characteristics. Valve Body and Shaft Standard valve bodies are fabricated from A-36 mild steel with flanges one side or two, as required for installation, and have a stainless steel seat. The stainless steel valve shaft is keyed and bolted to the disc with stainless steel fasteners. Stainless steel tapered pins are available when required. Packing glands are usually bronze with chevron-type packings. Sleeve bearings are self-lubricating. Thrust bearings are adjustable. Operators Waterman rectangular butterfly valves require a 90º turn of the disc to go from full open to full closed. Manual operators with position indicator are avail-able in worm-gear and traveling nut type with a handwheel, a chain wheel, or a 2" square operating nut for use with power devices. Electric or hydraulic operators for local and/or re-mote operation can be provide…

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  Waterman Industries, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number VBG Butterfly Valvaes
Valve Type Butterfly
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