Waterman Industries, Inc. VBE2-W Wafer Style Butterfly Valve


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VBE2-W Wafer Style Butterfly Valve
Economical Lightweight Heavyduty 4" through 12" sizes 150 PSI Service Uses • Agriculture, pump control and isolation • Dairy industry • Water distribution systems • Food and beverage industry • Pulp and paper industry • Transportation industry • Chemical plants Features Seat - Buna-N. Easy field replacment. No flange gaskets required. Body - Full loop lugs for easy installation and alignment. Disc - Streamlined, full flow design Stem - Pinned stem retention allows operator to be chenged while valve is in service. O-rings for full leakage protection. Seals - Valve body and stem isolated from fluids by O-rings and elastomer seat. Operators - Lever, gear. electric, hydraulic, pneumatic. Testing - Each valve tested bubble tight@200 PSI Maximum Operating Pressure - 150 PSI General Valve Size: 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”. Body Style: Wafer designed to install between ANSI 125/150# flanges. All butterfly valves shall be of the tight closing, rubber-lined type with seat ring securely contained within the valve body. Valves shall be bubble-tight at rated pressure of 150 PSI with flow in either direction. Valve discs shall rotate minimum 90 degrees from full open to the tight shut-off position. The manufacturer shall have manufactured tight closing butterfly valves for a period of at least five years. All valves shall be model VBE2-W as manufactured by Waterman Industries, Inc. or approved equal. Materials Body: Cast Iron ASTM A-126B Disc: Cast Iron ASTM A-126B Seats: (a) Buna-N or (b) EPDM Shafts: Annealed and smooth turned stainless steel ASTM A-276 Type 304 Shaft Bearings: Nonmetallic, low friction type Construction Valve bodies shall incorporate four full loop lugs to facilitate alignment with mating flanges during installation. The bodies of all valves shall have two hubs for shaft-bearing housings cast integrally with the valve bodies. All exposed surfaces shall be fusion epoxy coated with 1.5 to 3.0 mils total dry film thickness. Valve shafts shall be “stub” type inserted into the valve disc hubs. Each stub shaft shall be inserted into the valve disc hubs for a distance of at least 1 1/2 shaft diameters. See below for minimum required shaft diameters. The diameter of the stainless steel shafts shall meet the requirements of AWWA C-504 Class 150B standard. Valve Diameter Shaft Diameter 4” 0.625" 6” 1.000" 8” 1.125" 10” 1.375" 12” 1.500" The minimum shaft diameter shall extend through the valve bearings and into the valve disc. The connection between the shaft and disc shall be designed to …

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  Waterman Industries, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number VBE2-W Wafer Style Butterfly Valve
Valve Type Butterfly
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