Waterman Industries, Inc. Operators for VBE2-W Butterfly Valves


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Operators for VBE2-W Butterfly Valves
1. 2. 3. 4. 1. Lever Operator 2. Geared Operator with Handwheel 3. Gear and 2" Nut 4. Travelling Nut Operator Shown with Handwheel Waterman butterfly valves are available with the full range of operators, from basic lever, geared or traveling nut operators to highly automated electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuators. Within a size range, all types of operators are interchangeable with each other. This allows the user to merely change operators instead of the complete valve assembly in case of system design change. Stem and bonnet extensions are available with every type upon special order. Manual Types Hand Lever Operators are standard on all Waterman butterfly valves up to and including 10" sizes. These are equipped with a practical seven-position stop plate. These stops are designed to accommodate a padlock which allows the valves to be locked in any one of seven positions, from full open to completely closed. Geared Operators are standard on Waterman butterfly valves 12" and larger. The worm gear type operator is totally enclosed and is designed for applications requiring no more than 300 pounds of torque. They are normally handwheel operated but square nut adapters can be provided. Indicators on the gear case clearly show disc position where buried service is required. Gear housing is prelubricated and factory-sealed for trouble-free operation. Traveling Nut Operatorsare designed to handle input torque loads of up to 450 foot pounds. The Waterman traveling nut operator virtually eliminates valve damage by absorbing torque overload within the housing. They are engineered to slow down the rotation of the disc at the opening and closing phases of travel. This "variable speed" action reduces water hammer while allowing full output torque to be maintained. Waterman traveling nut operators also have externally adjustable stops so that precise field adjustments may be made with minimum inconvenience and downtime. This flexibility of easy field adjustment in combination with the rugged design assures the user of trouble-free operation whether in exposed or underground service. As with geared operators, Waterman traveling nut operators may be ordered with either a handwheel or square nut adapter. …

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