Versitron, Inc. Dual Channel Fiber Optic Isolators F2900 Series


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Dual Channel Fiber Optic Isolators - F2900 Series - Versitron, Inc.
Newark, DE, USA
Dual Channel Fiber Optic Isolators F2900 Series
VERSITRON F2900 Group dual channel isolators are designed for passing telemetry, clock, data or any async or serial data stream in one direction. As such, these fiber optic modems enhance datacomm/telecomm system flexibility and help lower hardware costs. Two different versions are available including one transmitter module with two data channels and one receiver module with two data channels. Distances to 30 km are possible. The F2900 series of products are available with different electrical interfaces to accomodate existing systems through jumper selection. These products may be used in any FOM II enclosure. Click here for Chassis & Accessories The F2900 Series provides two independent channels over a pair of optical fibers. Each channel isolates signals from RS-232, RS-422, RS-530, RS-449, MIL-STD-188-114A (balanced or unbalanced), TTL or an NRZ type signal from 50 bps to 10Mbps (data agile). Functioning as stand alone modules or in conjunction with other devices, the new F2900s operate with encryption devices in a datacomm/telecomm link. They are data agile (any frequency) from 50bps to 10Mbps and permit clocking and resynchronizing of encryption equipment from a remote location. The devices pass data or clock signals with Bit Error Rates (BER) of 10 to the minus 9th across the entire bandwidth of 50bps to 10Mbps. Link budget is not less than 19 dB on 100/140 fiber optic cable.
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  Versitron, Inc.
Product Category Fiber Optic Receivers
Product Number F2900 Series
Product Name Dual Channel Fiber Optic Isolators
Operating Temperature -40 to 158 F (-40 to 70 C)
Cable Type Single Mode / Multimode
Data Rate 5.00E-5 to 10 Mbps
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