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Right Angle Gearboxes - 790 - Venture Mfg. Co.
Dayton, OH, USA
Right Angle Gearboxes 790
Venture’s 790 Series right angle gearboxes can be used alone or combined with our standard 800 series acme screw actuators or our 850 series ball screw actuators and/or our 8500 series motor gearbox to provide an extremely versatile and reliable motorized or manual actuation system… multiple units can be interconnected to drive multiple actuators allowing single point access to drive many units. Ideal for opening multiple windows or dampers for greenhouse, livestock and vegetable storage climate control, etc… Features: ½” diameter shaft at all outputs. Mounting holes on all 6 sides Adaptors available to mount: 800 series acme screw tubes 850 series ball screw tubes 8500 series motor gearbox Cross tubes available either single or telescoping
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  Venture Mfg. Co.
Product Category Gearboxes and Gearheads
Product Number 790
Product Name Right Angle Gearboxes
Reducer Style Base Mount
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