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Microscope 569
The 569 is a Microscope from American Optical. The microscope is a crucial tool in many industries. Professionals working in the fields of health care, biology, chemistry, technology, electronics, and environmental science use microscopes for many types of applications. Microscopes enable high-resolution viewing of an object magnified to many times its actual size. Additional Features: Classic American Optical StereoStar microscope pod with zoom range of 0.7x to 3x Choice of oculars and auxiliary lenses result in a total magnification range of 2.3x (using 10x oculars and a 0.3x auxiliary objective) all the way to 150x using 25x oculars High resolution Convenient Zoom control Large field view Long working distance
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  ValueTronics International, Inc.
Product Category Microscopes
Product Number 569
Product Name Microscope
Application Biological / Life Sciences
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