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Standard 1419A
The 1419A is a used Capacitance Standard from General Radio. Engineers use direct current (DC) voltage standards to calibrate, standardize, normalize, and monitor drift, verify linearity, and establish regulation in electronic equipment. Standards are important during electronics compliance testing. Phase angle standards are ideal for calibrating many different electronics, including power analyzers, vector voltmeters, phase meters, phase sensitive instruments, and resolvers. Additional Features: The capacitance and dissipation factors are constant with frequency, essentially noninductive, very low dielectric absorbtion. The dielectric is specially prepared of purified high-molecular-weigh t polystyrene, having very high resistance and freedom from interfacial polarization. Moisture sealing with Teflon® feed-through insulators assures high performance under adverse humidity conditions. Maximum capacitance of 1.11µF in steps of 0.001µF. Accuracy of ±1%.
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  ValueTronics International, Inc.
Product Category Capacitance Standards and Decades
Product Number 1419A
Product Name Standard
Type Capacitance
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