United Electric Controls Company Head and Sheath Thermocouple Type J


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Head and Sheath Thermocouple Type J
Thermocouples are two wires of dissimilar metals, joined at one end. Changes in the temperature at the "hot junction" (measuring end) induce a change in electromotive force (emf) at the "cold junction", where it can be input into a controller or indicator. As the temperature increases, this output emf also rises, though not completely linearly. Thermocouples can measure temperatures over wide ranges, fairly inexpensively. They are very rugged, but they are somewhat less accurate vs. RTDs and thermistors. United Electric Controls (UE) offers type J, K, E and T Thermocouple Terminal Head Styles as well as Beaded Thermocouple types: K, R, S & B.
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Technical Specifications

  United Electric Controls Company
Product Category Thermocouple Temperature Probes
Product Number Type J
Product Name Head and Sheath Thermocouple
Sensed Temperature -328 to 1832 F (-200 to 1000 C)
Base, Noble and Refractory Metal Type J
Probe Features Cuttable (optional feature); Spring Loaded (optional feature)
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