United Electric Controls Company Differrential Pressure Switch J21K Series


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Differrential Pressure Switch J21K Series
The J21K differential pressure switch monitors the difference between two system pressures or vacuums and senses excessive flow deviation, or verifies that a filter is clogged. The J21K’s rugged design – with epoxy coated enclosure and sealed metal bellows – lends itself to exacting applications. Widely used in refrigeration (chiller) and compressor applications, the J21K can be used for filter status monitoring and proof of flow.
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Technical Specifications

  United Electric Controls Company
Product Category Pressure Switches
Product Number J21K Series
Product Name Differrential Pressure Switch
Shock 15 g
Sensor Technology Mechanical Deflection
Operating Temperature -40 to 160 F (-40 to 71 C)
Vibration 2 g
Pressure Measurement Differential; Vacuum
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