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Northbrook, IL, USA
Wunpeecee Duct Spacer
The Wunpeece Duct Spacer allows for the fastest and sturdiest installation for concrete encased duct runs. With the Wunpeece, ONE PIECE DOES IT ALL! There is no more need for base and intermediate spacers, creating a simpler to use and easier to manage duct spacer. Wunpeece Duct Spacers are available in a variety of separations and for 2" through 8" conduit. Wunpeece Spacer Features include: CUSTOM SPACER UNITS (3-WAY, 4-WAY, ETC.) ASSEMBLED AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. HALF AS MANY PARTS TO HANDLE - MOLDED AS A TWO-WAY. EASY SNAP-IN DESIGN CUTS YOUR LABOR IN HALF. RANDOM POSITIONING ALONG DUCT RUN ELIMINATES VERTICAL SHEAR PLANE. FOR ALL TYPES OF DUCT AND ALMOST ANY DUCT BANK CONFIGURATION. DESIGNED FOR USE IN CONCRETE ENCASED DUCT BANKS
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  Underground Devices
Product Category Bore and Duct Spacers
Product Name Wunpeecee Duct Spacer
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