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IntraCu® Additives* - IntraCu® Additives* - Umicore Galvanotechnik GmbH
Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
IntraCu® Additives* IntraCu® Additives*
Take Advanced Packaging to a completely new level Umicore´s business unit Electroplating have partnered with SHINHAO Materials to provide innovative patented additives* for copper electroplating into the advanced packaging industry. IntraCu®* as a modular Copper electroplating additive system embodies an integral part of our joint product offering. It is manufactured in state-of-the-art clean room environment to meet quality standards of the semiconductor industry. IntraCu®* additives can be seen as a POR replacement for Microbumps in IC packages, RDL in wafer level packaging and Pillar in flip-chip packaging. * Not available in Europe Advantages Bamboo-like structure Matte Cu, Ra < 0.2 μm Flat topography Stable tensile strength Resistant to grain growth Resistant to etching Bright Cu, Ra < 0.03 μm ±50% process window for Cu pillar and RDL Total in-film organics < 11 ppm Excellent KV-less performance Applications Fine line RDL (< 2 μm) Cu-to-Cu direct bonding 2-in-1 bright Cu (Cu pillar and RDL) 2-in-1 with KV-less requirement
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  Umicore Galvanotechnik GmbH
Product Category Chemical Additives and Agents
Product Number IntraCu® Additives*
Product Name IntraCu® Additives*
Applications Fine line RDL (< 2 μm), Cu-to-Cu direct bonding, 2-in-1 bright Cu (Cu pillar and RDL), 2-in-1 with KV-less requirement,
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