Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems Inc Hall Effect Joystick Model 501


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Hall Effect Joystick Model 501
A two axis non-contacting precision displacement fingertip operated control which has revolutionized the HMI (Human Machine Interface) Industry by providing high performance and high reliability at low cost. Standard Model 501C joysticks produce analog output voltages proportional to angle of joystick vs. input voltage (digital outputs available). This Hall effect technology was first patented and introduced by Ultra MSI in 1998 (U.S. Patent No. 5850142). The Model 501C offers many benefits over traditional potentiometer and inductive joystick designs.
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Technical Specifications

  Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems Inc
Product Category Industrial Joysticks
Product Number Model 501
Product Name Hall Effect Joystick
Mounting Panel
Joystick Application Heavy Duty Joystick Controller; Precision Joystick Controller
Joystick Technology Hall Effect
Connector USB (optional feature); RS-232 (optional feature); CANbus (optional feature); RS-422, PS2 & Other Protocols
Grip Style Contoured (optional feature); Straight or Conical Tube (optional feature); Custom; Finger Operated
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