TTG Inc. Microflex Microventing Laminate Membranes TG74020


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Microflex Microventing Laminate Membranes - TG74020 - TTG Inc.
Higginsville, MO, USA
Microflex Microventing Laminate Membranes TG74020
TTG produces ePTFE membranes that are used in a variety of “microventing” applications. Unlike regular filtration applications that manage large airflows and utilize re-generable filters, “microventing” applications focus on controlling pressure, air flow, liquid entry pressure and filtration efficiency to protect equipment, products and people. TTG partners with material converters to design laminates that exceed end-use requirements and can process easily through fabrication equipment. We form strategic alliances with our converter partners and support them throughout the qualification and commercialization processes. Our Microflex Microventing Membranes are designed for each application with the following critical to quality parameters. Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) – The rate at which moisture (or humidity) can be removed from a location. Filtration Efficiency – The amount of particulate material that will be prevented from passing through the membrane or laminate. It is typically expressed as a percentage and takes into account the size of the particulate and the air flow that is being applied. Water Entry Pressure – The pressure at which water will weep through the membrane. Air Flow – The amount of air that will pass through a defined amount of filter media at a given pressure. Temperature – This can be the application temperature or heat the material will see in production and/or assembly. Oleophobicity – The resistance to membrane wetting and loss of performance from oil contamination. Applications for TTG’s microventing laminates include: Automotive Head Light, Tail Light and Under Hood Computer and Sensor Vents Electronics and Acoustical Devices Hard Disc Drive and Flash Memory Venting Medical Device Venting: IV Spikes, Transducer Protectors, Syringe Filters, Cap Vents Consumer Products Packaging (Cap and Spray Bottle Venting)
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  TTG Inc.
Product Category Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles
Product Number TG74020
Product Name Microflex Microventing Laminate Membranes
Thickness 0.0080 inch (0.2032 mm)
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