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Vacuum Filtration Media - TG1085 - TTG Inc.
Higginsville, MO, USA
Vacuum Filtration Media TG1085
Our polyester spunbond pleated line of vacuum filtration media allows bagless vacuums to collect dust without returning it to the air. Our HEPA grade laminates provide end users with a re-generable, washable filter that protects people and equipment with each use. Our membrane laminates are converted into small pleated elements that reside within a vacuum’s dust cup chamber. As dust enters the chamber it collects on the sub-micron surface of our membrane. When the dust cup is full the filter is cleaned by gently tapping it. In addition, filters made with TTG laminates may be washed since the hydrophobic (water shedding) nature of our membrane keeps moisture and water from penetrating the media.
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Technical Specifications

  TTG Inc.
Product Category Air Filters (industrial)
Product Number TG1085
Product Name Vacuum Filtration Media
Construction Filter Media; HEPA / ULPA
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