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Plymouth Meeting, PA, USA
Shearography is a variation of laser technology ESPI (holography), specifically designed for NDT applications. Shearography provides full-field, non-contact testing for rapid wide-field inspection of composites, bonded structures and other advanced materials. Shearography is an optical video strain gauge and an appropriately applied stress is used to locate strain concentrations caused by internal defects. As an example, a composite helicopter blade can be inspected in production with vacuum excitation, while it can be rapidly inspected in the field with thermal excitation from a heat source, such as a heat gun or even a hairdryer. Typically light vacuum, thermal, acoustic or mechanical loading is used. This technology is ideal for components with complex geometries and material compositions. Common uses include: - complex geometries, such as co-cured composites structures - complex material composition, such as engine inlets and blades - core structures (e.g.: honeycomb & foam) - composite repair evaluation - corrosion inspection - production inspection
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  Trilion Quality Systems
Product Category Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
Product Name SHEAR
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