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Product development today requires a good understanding of dynamic component behavior for simulation verification, vibration analysis or the measurement of relative movements. PONTOS delivers the dynamic, synchronized and accurate position of an unlimited number of measurement points in 3D space. The displacement of the markers can be determined, graphically visualized or exported by capturing images at different load or movement situations. Rigid body movement, object deformation or dynamic behavior of the object under load can be defined and evaluated. The PONTOS system is a complete solution to define movements, vibrations and load-effects. It is based on the proven ARAMIS stereo camera technology. The image acquisition uses flexible triggering techniques and is linked to the load situation, including recording of analog signals. Fast harmonic and stochastic events are captured and analyzed using high speed image capturing. The rugged, mobile set up and the flexible selection of measuring areas, deliver accurate position, movement and deformation values for industrial applications, even under difficult ambient conditions. Common uses include: - 3D measurement of movement, deformations and vibrations - Verification of conceptual design studies and numerical simulations - Measuring dynamic behavior, rise and fall of structural vibrations to 250 Hz (full-frame, Nyquist criteria) - Load, creep and aging tests including complex structures and visco-elastic elements - Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) measurements in Automotive including wind tunnel environments - Measurement of relative motion - Simple measurement of dynamic gap and flush - Alternative to accelerometers up to 250 Hz (at full-size images, faster for smaller fields)
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