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Plymouth Meeting, PA, USA
ARAMIS HighSpeed is a powerful optical system for measuring the full-field dynamic behavior of complex materials and structures. The system offers a non-contact measurement of 3D coordinates, 3D deformation and strain using 3D image correlation methods (digital image correlation, DIC) using high-resolution, high-speed digital CCD cameras. The object under load is viewed by one (2D) or two (3D) high-resolution digital CCD cameras. The deformation of this structure under different load conditions is recorded by the CCD cameras and evaluated using digital image processing. The results are the 3D-coordinates, 3D displacements, the surface strain and the complete strain tensor. Common uses include: - Materials characterization of metallics, composites, ceramics - Impact, Ballistic and Blast measurements - FEM confirmation & boundary condition checking - Fracture mechanics and Estimating stability - Split-Hopkinson Bar Measurements (full-field) - Examining non-linear deformation behavior - Taylor Series Impacts
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Product Category Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
Product Name ARAMIS HHS
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