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Fork Lift & Roll Handling AGV's -  - Transbotics Corporation
Charlotte, NC, USA
Fork Lift & Roll Handling AGV's
Forklift or Fork Style vehicles are commonly used to automatically pick up and deliver pallets, skids, rolls, carts and many other transportable loads. Pick up and delivery can be performed at floor level or at stands, racks and conveyors. Narrow-aisle and deep-lane stacking are common applications for fork style automated guided vehicles. For more information please click the button below. Transbotics Forklift vehicles are designed to replace manually driven forklift trucks and pallet hand trucks. The vehicles can move a variety of items including pallets and skidded items with various load weights. Fork Style AGVs are used in almost every industry, including aerospace & defense, automotive and tier one supplier, textiles, ceramics, chemical processing, food & beverage, warehousing, newsprint & publishing, microelectronics, plastics, primary metals and recycling. Styles Available: Standard Straddle Fork Counter Balance Fork Style Narrow Straddle Fork Counter Balance Fork Style w/Load Clamp Reach/Lift Fork Style Automatic Truck Loading System Roll Handling, Fork Spreader Shuttle Fork
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  Transbotics Corporation
Product Category Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)
Product Name Fork Lift & Roll Handling AGV's
Guidance Type Laser Guided
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