Traffic Safety Warehouse Guard Dog® Heavy Duty 5 Channel Cable GD5X125-O-B


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Guard Dog® Heavy Duty 5 Channel Cable - GD5X125-O-B - Traffic Safety Warehouse
Deerfield, IL, USA
Guard Dog® Heavy Duty 5 Channel Cable GD5X125-O-B
The fast and easy way to guard and protect valuable electrical cables and hose lines from damage and abuse while providing a method of safe crossing for constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Each cable/hose line is separated and organized in its own protective channel to ensure safety. Ideal for use in amusement parks, entertainment venues, sporting events, and in most public, commercial, industrial, construction, and utility applications. Optional Anti-Slip Rubber Pad Kit available for added traction on smooth surfaces. Measuring 36"L x 19.75" W x 1.87" H. LOAD CAPACITY: 10,500 lbs/tire (21,000 lbs/axle) Protects cables and hose lines up to 1.3 in. in diameter. All weather polyurethane construction with heavy load capacity. Hinged lid makes placing and removing cables and hose lines easy. Patented 5-bar tread surface provides maximum traction. Heavy duty Dog-Bone connector interlocks modular sections. Lightweight and easy to transport, setup, disassemble and store. Carrying handle is conveniently recessed on underside of protector. Safety warning symbols molded into lid surface. NEW - Through holes added for fastening protector down. NEW - Smooth area added for adhering a barcode label or RFID tag. NEW - Pry slots added underneath for easy removal when fastened down End caps provide gradual taper to ground or floor. 4-Way Cross allows you to split or join cable runs. 45° left and right hand turns allow for additional configuration options. Join left and right turns to create a jog (see illustration below). Increase traction on smooth surfaces with optional anti-slip rubber pads. NEC REQUIREMENTS... Protects valuable electrical cables and permits compliance with 2008 National Electrical Code requirements (Article 525) for minimizing the tripping hazard of electrical cables and cords at carnivals, fairs, amusement parks and similar events. ADA COMPLIANT ACCESSORIES... Meets Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for ADA accessibility.   Guard Dog® Heavy Duty 5 Channel Cable - Available at Traffic Safety Warehouse. Sign up to be informed of special offers for this product and other safety supplies.
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  Traffic Safety Warehouse
Product Category Cable Ramps and Hose Ramps
Product Number GD5X125-O-B
Product Name Guard Dog® Heavy Duty 5 Channel Cable
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