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Circular, Square, Rectangular Mirrors -  - Tower Optical Corporation
Boynton Beach, FL, USA
Circular, Square, Rectangular Mirrors
Mirrors have a highly polished surface for reflecting light. The reflecting surface is usually a thin coating of aluminum or silver. Most mirrors for optical applications are called first surface types since the coating is on the front surface thereby eliminating the optical properties of the glass from affecting the incident or reflected light. The rear surface is usually fine ground.
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  Tower Optical Corporation
Product Category Optical Mirrors
Product Name Circular, Square, Rectangular Mirrors
Thickness 2 to 10 mm (0.0787 to 0.3937 inch)
Mirror Shape Round (optional feature); Rectangular / Square (optional feature)
Surface Flatness λ/5 (optional feature); λ/10 (optional feature)
Mirror Coatings Protected Aluminum
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