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Borosilicate Type Glass Cold Mirrors -  - Tower Optical Corporation
Boynton Beach, FL, USA
Borosilicate Type Glass Cold Mirrors
Cold Mirrors are used where the requirements are to reflect visible light and remove the heat by transmission. Operation at an AOI of 45ยบ is preferred. The most common wavelength range for transmission through the cold mirror is 800 - 1200nm. The average transmission range is T>85%. Additionally, R>95% for 400 - 700nm. Features of Cold Mirrors . High reflection for the visible range . High transmission for infrared
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  Tower Optical Corporation
Product Category Optical Mirrors
Product Name Borosilicate Type Glass Cold Mirrors
Thickness 3.3 mm (0.1299 inch)
Mirror Shape Round
Surface Flatness λ/2
Mirror Coatings Dielectric
Surface Quality 80-50 Scratch / Dig
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