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CEOa™ Polyester Filament Textile
CEOα™ is a comfortable Shingosen with a cool feel, boasting a moisture absorbency exceeding that of 100% cotton, as well as the regular properties that Shingosen are well-known for: a soft body, and excellent drapability with ideal volume. Achieving a lightweight feel through the design of the cross-sectional shapes of fibers with the skillful use of fiber-blending technology, a dry touch is afforded by its outstanding moisture-absorbing properties achieved through the capillary absorption process. CEOα™ has gained an excellent reputation in applications such as summer blouses, jackets and yukatas.
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  Toray Industries (America), Inc.
Product Category Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles
Product Name CEOa™ Polyester Filament Textile
Type Fiber / Filament; High-Moisture Absorption
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