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CNC Machining Ultra-Hard Materials -  - Top Seiko Co., Ltd.
Nagahama, Japan
CNC Machining Ultra-Hard Materials
Top Seiko Co., Ltd. offers the most advanced CNC machining services for all these ultra-hard but brittle materials such as Ceramics, Glasses and Refractory Metals such as Tungsten, Molybdenum and Tantalum. We machine not only Machinable Ceramics, but also other Technical Ceramics such as Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, and Zirconia. We are very passionate about machining newly developed or extremely hard materials. We even machine CMC(Ceramic Matrix Composites)* for applications in space. We employ a variety of CNC machining centers including high precision 5-Axis Control Vertical Machining Center and high speed Linear-Motor Machining Center. With experienced engineers and machine operators, we machine these ultra-hard materials to extremely tight tolerances. Material selection assistance is available. Let's make your part more Cost-Effective and High-Performing! Our sales engineers will help you find suitable materials based on your application needs as well as target price. In many cases, parts made of a material we propose to our clients offer longer service life which can result in lower costs, reduced maintenance and less down time. *CMC(Ceramic Matrix Composites):A fiber-reinforced ceramic composed of SiC fibers and SiC matrix. It is light-weight, high-temperature strength, and high durability material developed as a next-generation material for aero-engines.
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Technical Specifications

  Top Seiko Co., Ltd.
Product Category CNC Machining Services
Product Name CNC Machining Ultra-Hard Materials
Additional Services Assembly Services; CAD/CAM Support; Design Assistance; Just-in-Time Delivery; Prototype Services; Low Volume Production; High Volume Production
Company Information Through "machining" aimed at customer satisfaction, Top Seiko strives to have our technology reflected in our customers' products, enabling the customers to perform good business, which in turn results in the successful operation of our company.
Micro Machining Yes
Length Less than 1"; 1"-3"; 3"-6"; 6"-48"
Materials Ceramics; Glass; Glass Ceramics; Hardened Metals; Ultra-hard Materials
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