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 - TQ-OP (Opacity Meter) - Tobias Associates, Inc.
Ivyland, PA, USA
Lightweight but accurate. Simple push-button operation facilitates density measurements; cordless convenience allows transmission readings at any location. Opacity. Reads plastic material and determines the opacity or the percentage of light that is not transmitted through the material. Density difference readings. Any density measurement may be stored as a reference. Subsequent readings will show density differences from the stored value. Wide density range. TheTQ-OP reads a film density value up to 6.00D with rock solid accuracy and stability and calculates Opacity from 0 to 100%. Automatic light-table. Instant illumination when sample is place over aperture. Inscribed crosshairs on the mini light-table pinpoint target area, ensuring accurate positioning. Smart charger. Fast charge in only 4 hours; switches to trickle charge when batteries are recharged. Red/green LED shows status of charge. Thousands of readings per charge. Low battery warning when recharging is required. Also runs from charger with 100% duty cycle, if needed. Shuts off automatically to extend battery life. RS-232 serial port. Use with a printer for hard copy or with a computer for analysis or data storage.
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  Tobias Associates, Inc.
Product Category Opacity Sensors and Instruments
Product Number TQ-OP (Opacity Meter)
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