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Electronic Contract Manufacturing -  - TJM Electronics
Warminster, PA, United States
Electronic Contract Manufacturing
Circuit Board Contract Manufacturing Solutions TJM Electronics is a turnkey electronic contract manufacturer specializing in custom PCB assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, cable assembly, and box building services for OEMs across multiple markets. Partnering with our sister company, ThermOmegaTech, we can also offer industrial and mechanical design services to supply a complete and final representation of your product. We prioritize customer satisfaction, which means quality, timing, and cost-efficiency is at the top of our list. Our 30 years of experience and cutting-edge technology allow us to offer turnkey custom printed circuit board assembly services to meet all of your design needs.
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Technical Specifications

  TJM Electronics
Product Category Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
Product Name Electronic Contract Manufacturing
Production Capabilities Prototype / Low Volume; Mid Volume; High Volume; Cabling
Company Information

With a broad range of multi-disciplined expertise developed over the last 30 years, TJM Electronics has been instrumental in the success of many “World’s First” technologies ranging from military and aerospace, power and energy conservation, to medical devices used in orthopedic surgery.

Design Services Electrical Design Services
Testing Services Analytical Laboratory Testing; AOI; Functional Testing; X-Ray
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