Titus Company (The) Membrane Air Dryers TMD simple, fixed purge dryers

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Membrane Air Dryers - TMD simple, fixed purge dryers - Titus Company (The)
Morgantown, PA, United States
Membrane dryers are dehumidifying dryers that work by depressing the dew point of incoming air. They are popular since they can operate continuously without electricity and are quiet and low-maintenance. No longer relegated to simply point-of-use drying applications, membrane dryers are now available in capacities and efficiencies that rival desiccant dryers without the costly and time-consuming maintenance. They are ideal for applications where the dew point requirement falls somewhere below +32°F (0°C) and -40°F/C.
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Technical Specifications

  Titus Company (The)
Product Category Compressed Air Dryers
Product Number TMD simple, fixed purge dryers
Product Name Membrane Air Dryers
Dryer Technology Membrane
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