Thermon, Inc Heat Transfer Compound T-85

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Heat Transfer Compound - T-85 - Thermon, Inc
Austin, TX, United States
Heat Transfer Compound T-85
The New & Improved T-85 is a pre-mixed epoxy-based heat transfer compound with higher temperature ratings and the highest possible bond strength for use in moist and corrosive environments. T-85 is typically utilized on pumps, valves and equipment where maximum bond strength for tracing installation is needed. The new T-85 HT Compound boasts exposure temperature limits up to 232°C (450°F). The New T-85 now boasts a shelf life of over one-year… the longest available in the industry!
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Technical Specifications

  Thermon, Inc
Product Category Industrial Adhesives
Product Number T-85
Product Name Heat Transfer Compound
Use Temperature 32 to 450 F (0 to 232 C)
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